Welcome to my Piano Studio!

Teaching Philosophy

My studio is based on traditional piano instruction that emphasizes conceptual learning of skills as well as repertoire playing.  I strongly believe in teaching students to become well-rounded musicians, which involves developing strong theory, rhythm, aural, and sight playing skills, as well as developing good technical fluency and musical expression that will enable students to play with confidence and beauty.  With this approach, beginning students progress slowly with emphasis on reinforcement of each acquired skill in order to master concepts as they go along.  Once students have achieved the rudimentary skills necessary at the elementary level, progress is quicker and more apparent.

Find out more about my studio programs and offerings

Click on any of the links above to find out more about the lessons and classes I offer.  My studio offers a comprehensive program with opportunities for participation in recitals, as well as a number of area festivals, competitions, AIM, and other music programs.

My piano studio has been serving students in the north and northwest Chicago suburbs for over 30 years.  The studio is located in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.