AIM Level 5

Click on the link to the right of the exercises you wish to review.  Be sure to record the date and your score on the AIM Review Checklist.



Scale Identification:

Interval Identification:




Interval Identification:




In the link below, you will need to set the parameters in blue as listed before starting your drill.

Interval Construction:

Intervals:  M2, M3, P4, P5 (there are no P8)

Accidentals:  Click on No accidentals 

Direction:  Ascending

Other options:  Stop exercise after:  10 exercises

Maximum time to answer: Do not check this box

Clef:  Click on Clef to change.  Do some in treble clef and some in bass clef



Note Dictation:

Notes to be used:  Dont check any boxes

Use Scale Notes: Select G Major Scale

Octaves: Check 1

Play notes in groups of: 4, then increase 6 notes

Note duration (tenths of seconds):  12 (adjust as needed.  Higher number is slower tempo)

Answer using: note name (for dictation review), Visual keyboard (for playback review)

Play and show before exercise: first note only

Other options:  Stop exercise after:  10 exercises

Maximum time to answer: Do not check this box

Clef:  Click on Clef to change.  Do some in treble clef and some in bass clef


Rhythm Dictation:

Libraries: 2/4, 3/4 , 4/4 check first box and Do not use syncopation box under

Other Options:  Check Repeat exercises no more than: 5 times

Stop exercise after:  Do not check this box