Studio Offerings


Private Lesson and Optional Computer/Piano Lab

Students enroll in a weekly 45-minute private lesson immediately followed by an optional 15-minute computer/piano lab.  Weekly 30-minute lessons are offered for very young students and weekly 60-minute lessons are offered and encouraged to students of advanced level.

Optional Computer/iPad/Piano Lab

During lab time, students will work independently on a variety of supplemental material to reinforce theory, rhythm, aural and sight playing skills.  Students have the option to choose work at the computer, with iPad apps or review and/or work on sight playing or ensemble music on the digital piano.

Group Classes

In addition to the weekly private lessons, students are enrolled in monthly group classes.   These classes are grouped by students of similar age and/or level, and provide a social environment for group activities that include theory, ear training, ensemble playing, rhythm drills, and creative activities.  

Performance Classes

Students have the opportunity to perform in informal Performance Classes, offered 6 times during the academic year.  These classes are scheduled strategically prior to a performance event, such as recitals, festivals and AIM exams.  

All Group and Performance Classes are scheduled on Fridays.  Missed group classes are not made up and there are no reduction in tuition for students unable to attend some or all group classes.  There are no Group or Performance Classes during the summer session.


Studio Recitals

There are three (3) studio recitals scheduled during the year;  Winter Recital in December, Spring Recital in May, and a Summer Recital and Pot-Luck Dinner in late July or early August for students taking summer lessons.  All students are encouraged to participate in at least one recital each year.